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The story of the Marzetti family

In 1932, Guido Marzetti, orphaned by the First World War (1915-1918), bought a stone mill with attached a house and a few small cow-sheds to raise swine in Francavilla d'Ete, a small town situated in the Marche Region, in the province of Ascoli Piceno.
At the beginning of the Sixties, the mill was turned into a plant for the production of fodder, both used for feeding the increasing livestock and also sold for sale.
In the early Seventies, Guido's son, Roberto, together with his family, bought a 20 hectares land in Francavilla D'Ete. On this plot of ground, he built two high-tech modern sheds for large white pigs ranging, able to contain 1300 head of cattle.
In the late Eighties, Roberto and his family bought a 70 hectares plot of ground with attached zootechnical sheds for over 4000 square meters in the municipality of Belmonte Piceno, in the province of Ascoli Piceno (Marche Region).
Later, Paolo Lanfranco, Roberto's son, at the end of his studies, entered the family business. He put all his energies into the renovation of sheds, leading them to contain 3000 head of cattle. These facilities are fully computerized, complying with the European Union's Cee Regulations, and equipped with the latest technology available on the market for the pig sector.
Since 2004, with the start-up of the activity of new sheds in Belmonte Piceno, the annual number of pigs fattened up rose up to about 6500 heads.
This story shows how the Marzetti family has always invested its energies into an activity and sector in which it firmly believed: the food sector.
Since 2009 the whole family, Roberto, his wife Joan, together with their son Paul Lanfranco and their daughter Carla , is dealing with determination and energy in an ambitious new project. As a matter of fact, a new company was founded, the Marzetti Food Ltd., designed to produce high-quality cooked ham and cured hams for sale in Italy and abroad, commercialized under a registered trademark in Italy and in Europe.


  Marzetti Alimentare s.r.l. - Plant Address: Montegiorgio (FM) Via Soccorso scn – CAP 63833
Phone: +39.0734.956022 - Fax +39.0734.965270
Registered office: Francavilla D'Ete (FM) 63816 – Via Dante Alighieri, 55 - Italia
Fermo Business Registration code: R.E.A. FM N° 191242 - Corporation Stock € 50.000,00 i.v. Tax Code and VAT number IT 02014260448
www.marzettialimentare.it - info@marzettialimentare.it